Mitel 400 Hospitality Package

The technology behind your guest experience can mean the difference between customer complaints and five-star reviews.

To meet the rapidly changing technological needs of your customers and the efficiency needs of your staff, Mitel is pleased to announce the MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality Package. Designed to meet and exceed the requirements of boutique and select service properties, the MiVoice Office 400 Hospitality Package offers a complete communications solution to ensure you can manage your hotel with the operational efficiency required to exceed your guest’s expectations.

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Ruckus Smart WiFi for Hospitality

Keeping Guests Happy and Coming Back — With Simply Better Wireless.

Wireless is no longer just another amenity at hotels, to go along with avocado facials and foo-foo drinks. It’s become a prerequisite for doing business — period. Hotels aiming to increase Revenues Per Available Room (RevPAR) and maximize profitability are jumping on the wireless bandwagon, as:

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HPE Aruba - Instant

There’s no easier way to get enterprise-grade Wi-Fi up and running. Aruba Instant delivers the only controllerless Wi-Fi solution that is easy to set-up, and loaded with security and smarts needed to accelerate your business without breaking your budget.


Wi-Fi 6 Explained Video Link Here!

(Note: Press the "Start Arrow" while the video media is loading.)

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Transform your Business with VMware Virtualization

Today’s x86 computer hardware was designed to run a single operating system and a single application, leaving most machines vastly underutilized. Virtualization lets you run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer.

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Fortinet Wireless

Today's technology users demand mobility. With laptops replacing desktops and cell phones replacing landlines, people are used to devices that enable them to be productive anywhere. And increasingly, mobility is about more than just the ability to make a phone call from the elevator or run a desktop application on the road. Wireless devices is where network innovation is focused, leading to new uses for networks that just aren't possible with wires.

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Guest Internet HSIA

Per a recent survey by®, hotel guests prefer reliable WiFi over free breakfast, free parking or sleeping on a luxury mattress. What’s more, 70% of hotel guests that have had a bad Internet experience are unlikely to return. Also, did you know it is estimated that there will be 1.9 billion or more mobile devices by 2015? Quality guest Internet access has become vital to the success of any hotel operation and with mobile device usage increasing everywhere, it’s going to take a new kind of network to meet demand and guest expectations.

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BestComm's Content Filtering

"A scalable, global platform that requires no hardware to buy and nothing to download", BestComm Content Filtering is a cloud-based service that can be quickly and easily deployed across one to 1,000’s of locations without the need to install hardware or software. Set-up and deployment takes 30 minutes or less. All provisioning, management and reporting is done through the Web-based dashboard that's accessible from anywhere and at any time, enabling businesses to simplify their networks and reduce ongoing costs.

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BestComm IP PBX Solutions

About PBX Systems

Employees and customers expect simple communications and efficient services, and IP PBX systems are meeting the challenge, at a lower cost to you. Many businesses rely on a complex web of applications to deliver services,

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