BestComm's E-mail Relay

There is no argument that one of the principal utilizations of the internet is the sending and receiving of electronic mail (e-mail). E-mail has revolutionized in many ways how the business world, and indeed the rest of the world, communicates. However, this wonderful utility which has brought such convenience does not come without its own Challenges.

E-mail has often been referred to as the “killer application,” in reference to the influx of spam and viruses that plague so many users, both suspecting and unsuspecting. Providing seamless access to e-mail over a broadband connection has also become more and more problematic, especially with the increasingly mobile business climate. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), in order to mitigate an array of security risks, regularly configure their Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers to reject outgoing mail sent from source addresses outside the local network. The result is mobile users with the inability to send mail when outside of their local network.

Is there a simple and convenient solution out there for this dilemma…The answer is yes! BestComm’s E-Mail Relay with Anti-virus and Spam Control Service will provide your guests with the use of their e-mail accounts as if they were at their own homes and/or workplaces! You may be asking, “What would my guests have to do to their computers in order to utilize this great feature?” The answer is absolutely nothing, because BestComm hosts its own E-Mail Relay server! Your guests will be able to connect, send and receive e-mail just as soon as they connect their computers to your network!

 Don’t worry, we have not forgotten about those dreaded viruses and spamming issues either. BestComm’s E-Mail Relay Server employs two very powerful agents to deal with these pests. The E-Mail Relay server employs flow control which carefully and intelligently filters through e-mails, identifies spam, then blocks and destroys it. Viruses don’t have it any better off since all outbound e-mails are directed through our state of the art hardware. This mission-specific hardware places outbound e-mails through a very meticulous “scrubbing” process, which helps ensure that outgoing e-mails are free of known viruses (Think of this as a bleaching process for e-mails). These processes occur within the server. These processes occurring within the server and are transparent to the user and allow for the free flow of information while assuring Security and Reliability.

 We also deliver Content Filtering to help maintain an excellent wired and wireless experience.