Professional Installation

The BestComm networking solution that you have selected will be installed by our team of top professionals, so you don't have to worry about configuration and ensuring that it works properly. The installer will set up your network and make sure the WAN/LAN systems are connected and working according to standard. No matter what your needs, BestComm's installation is fast and friendly!


 Professional Installation:

Completion of a site survey with your permission

Planning the installation with you (cable routing, connection of devices and discussing future options)

Notification to you of any additional (non-standard) charges prior to commencement of any work

Preparation of the site for the installation

Removal of old network (If needed)

Installation of new network equipment

Testing and troubleshooting of the new installation

Tuning the network for peak performance

Completion of a system test verifying integrity and LAN/WAN connectivity

Setup of connections to office equipment

Connection of co-located devices (phones, printers, etc.)

Cleaning up any mess made during installation and removing debris from your location

Tweaking your new network to meet your needs

Customer education on system operation and features

Leaving out telephone number with you for contacting BestComm Networks if there are any problems with the installation (business card)